Tree pruning services, Norwich, Norfolk

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Tree Surgeons Norwich

Burghwood Landscapes will undertake both private and commercial work. We are often asked to work for companies listed on this page.

If you need a troublesome tree removing or perhaps some tree pruning then give Burghwood a call, we will help you as leading tree surgeons Norwich

Tree Removal Services

Sometimes a tree may need to be removed, tree removal can mean felling the tree at other times a tree may be moved to a new location due to construction. Tree removal and relocation can be costly and some trees are more suited than others and the age of the tree can also have a bearing on the likely success of the move.

Listed Trees & Planning

We occasionally find ourselves working with very special requirements and local planning authorities to act on the pruning or removal of a tree or trees.


Tree planting and maintenance

Burghwood are happy to undertake large scale tree planting we also like to provide ongoing support as you need. We will thin, prune and care for your trees are they develop.

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"Burghwood planted our tree boundaries over 25 years ago, they have cared for and maintained our trees as needed ever since."

Keith - Ray Willson & Co, Wisbech, Cambs.


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